May 23, 2012

One year ago today.
As long as you persevere and don’t give up, you will make it.


Love What You Do!

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Dreams change. Goals Change. Plans Change. Focus on the result but be open in your approach or path. Meaning, your ideal result might be a life where you and your family have become financially free, are safe and secure, living healthy with vitality and passion, as well as, having meaningful relationships all across the board and the ability to make real contributions to society.

How will you get that?

Do what makes you come alive! Do what you love! Become so good at what you love that you can turn it into a business. When you are great at what you do and you are adding value to peoples lives, people will have no problem with paying a fee for your services, whatever they might be. Whatever you love, you can create and teach to someone else.

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What exactly is FEAR?

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In this short post, we look at the choices we have when fear presents itself. Fear will determine our levels of love, significance, success, achievement, motivation and contribution. When fear presents itself, what meaning do you put behind it?

Let’s get started!

I loved this image for a couple of reasons. The acronyms are sheer genius, but second and even more important – it reinforces and recognizes the choice we always have and the power we ALWAYS have. How we handle fear will determine who we are. Fear will determine the relationships you do or do not have, the places you go or don’t go, what you can and can’t handle, what you say yes or no to, your ability to seize opportunities and your able to learn, do, try and become something new. POWERFUL STUFF!!

Make fear your friend. Make fear the best thing to ever happen…

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